5 Affordable Best Mini Honeymoon Destinations

5 Affordable Best mini honeymoon destinations.

Mini Moon is gathering popularity. What are the reasons? Affordable best honeymoon packages. It is not only affordable honeymoon but people are busier these days. For the wedding, the couple must have taken the holidays.  They run out of holidays for their honeymoon vacation. Hence the idea of a Mini Moon is a welcomed one! You can always go to a long honeymoon vacation at a later date. Well, the Mini Moon can be test run holiday destinations, which can further be explored later on a long, well planned second honeymoon!

For the just-married young couple, I recommending 5 affordable Best mini honeymoon destinations. Definitely, these options for the just-married couple will be very memorable – they can unwind, enjoy newly wedded bliss and indulge in romances.  And saving time and money.

  1. Best Honeymoon Beach Destination – Sri Lanka
  2. Best Honeymoon Casino Deals – Macau, Hong Kong
  3. Best Honeymoon Adventure spot – Vietnam
  4. Best Honeymoon Shopping Centre – Dubai
  5. Best Honeymoon Spa Retreat – Phuket

1. Best Honeymoon Beach Destination – Sri Lanka

Best Beach Honeymoon Arugambay Beach Sri Lanka

Are you looking for a beach getaway at a low budget, then head for Sri Lanka!

Once it was trouble country with violence and disturbances. Now it is a safe and very affordable destination for a beach holiday. The island country is dotted with miles of golden and white beaches. Sri Lankan’s beaches are home to tropical fish and living corals. The tiny island is covered with over 800 miles (1300 KM) of beaches with soft warm sand.

You can book into a beach resort or just book a hut at a beach hotel. There are a number of beach resorts at Arugam Bay in Southeast coast, Negombo in Western coats, or Unawatuna a suburb of Galle city in the Southern province.

You can also look into visiting Casuarina Beach in the north in Jaffna district. After the end of the 3-decade long civil war, Casuarina Beach is gaining popular to explore unspoilt beaches and sands.

This will be a good start for a highly romantic post-wedding holiday trip. You can enjoy the sun just relaxing in the sand or participate in water sports – like jet skiing, surfing or diving.

2. Best Honeymoon Casino Deals – Macau, Hong Kong

Best Honeymoon Casino Destination - Macau
Best Honeymoon Casino Destination – Macau

Gambling and glamour are pleasures of adult vacationing. Post wedding you can indulge a little in gambling and glamorous vacationing by planning a Mini Moon to Casino spot. With your newly married wife (the lady luck) around you can win a fortune (or lose one). Indeed the best casino spots are in USA, Canada or the Caribbean. When asked for a Casino destination, people will think of Las Vegas – the Mecca of gambling! Or the casino deals in Atlantis Resort or Aruba in the Caribbean! Or the ship-shape casino – the Casino de Montreal in Montreal, Canada!

These destinations require a lot of money and extended holiday time.

Forget Las Vegas! For Casino holiday destination, head for Macau in Hong Kong, located in the Pearl River Delta. A former Portuguese colony, the Macau is home to more than 30 casinos. The world famous casinos at Macau are The Venetian, Wynn, MGM Grand Macau and Grand Lisboa,

You can take your partner to enjoy the adult nightlife, a taste of luxury restaurants, discos and loads of entertainment. Macau is a city that never sleeps – there is an adrenaline rush. Bars, restaurants and discos open all night!

3. Best Honeymoon Adventure spot – Vietnam

Vietnam! When I hear the word Vietnam, I think of war history. But not now! Visit Vietnam for its sheer natural surroundings. Post wedding, the adventurous young couple must include Vietnam in their honeymoon itinerary.

The newlywed can discover the outdoor adventure settings of Vietnam – stunning mountains, valleys, exotic hills, the humble rice paddy fields and almost empty beaches!

One can take to trekking in Sa Pa Mountains, or go cycling on the Ho Chi Minh trail. You can have fun at rock climbing or kayaking in Salat hill station. The forests are unique with unexpected wildlife at the Cuc Phuong National Park.

Vietnam is home to numerous World Heritage Sites.

4. Best Honeymoon Shopping Center – Dubai

Dubai has choicest hotels, with personalised services – having your own private butler and a private sauna.  Or you check in Bedouin-themed suites with pool overlooking deserts.  Staying in handcrafted furnishing and personalised the cosy rooms can quite expensive.

But the money left over after the wedding can be best spent in shopping. If you or your partner is a shopaholic, the best honeymoon destination for a shopping experience will be Dubai, an emirate in United Arab Emirate (UAE).

Shopaholic couple can overindulge in shopping at the swanky shopping malls spread across Dubai city – The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Mercato Shopping Mall, Dubai Marina Mall, Wafi Mall, Burjuman Center – the list is endless.

Negotiate for the best bargains at the markets, mini markets, malls, super malls or hyper shopping centres. There are electronics, garments, spices and handicrafts to be bought.

Shop in the historical district, Al Fahidi Souk.  Or indulge in the shopping for Jewels at the New Gold Souk.

Dubai offers duty-free prices on wide varieties of goods and articles inside Dubai International Airport.

The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) is held annually in the month of January.

In Dubai, you can explore luxurious beaches or you can experience the traditional spa therapy in Hammams of Dubai.

5. Best Honeymoon Spa retreat – Phuket


Plan for the Spa Retreat for your mini moon. It can’t be more romantic than a Spa Retreat holiday. The best destination for the Mini Moon for Spa Retreat couldn’t be better than Phuket.

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. It is gaining popularity to become a spa haven. Phuket has become a major centre for spas and wellness in recent years. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for a traditional Thai spa package. You will find Thai massage costing too highly expensive one. In Phuket, you are spoilt for choice – from the row of chairs to daybeds for massages and facials to full-fledged spa services in the luxurious and elegant setting like Banyan Tree Spa, The Aspara Spa at Phuket Holiday Inn, or Angsana Spa at Dusit Laguna and Sheraton Hotel Phuket.

You have a mix of both ancient traditional healing massage and modern treats like hydrotherapy or reflexology. Splurge in Nuat Phaen Boran – a Thai massage without the use of oils or experience the more modern spa treatments of reflexology and hydrotherapy.

If you have money to spend, then pick a cosy couple’s massage at exotic spas in five-star hotels. Or simply hit the streets of Phuket for humble massage parlours. Wherever you go, you will get the same warm Thai culture and hospitality.

For a Mini Moon, a spa holiday is a much needed rejuvenating experience.  Just for fun have this Funny Elephant Massage in Phuket, Thailand.  See the compilation of Funny Elephant Massage.


In conclusion, if you have another option for a mini honeymoon destination, please share with us in the comments column.

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