How to Sleep Better For Your Mental Well-being

How to get a good night sleep?  There are several people who have a problem in having a good sleep – insomnia.  A good night sleep is good for your health.  Here in this article, I am trying to highlight points that would help you have a good sleep for your mental wellbeing…

If you are Brit and have troubling sleeping well, then you are not alone.  You are among one-third of Brits who are having trouble in sleeping.

As per a recent survey – Great British Sleep Survey, 37% have a problem in having good night sleep.  An adult needs at least eight hours good sleep for mental wellbeing.  A good night sleep is essential to our wellbeing as eating, drinking, and breathing.  This helps repair and re-energize our mind.  Here are some pointers to have some good night’s sleep – uninterrupted.  You can add your own tips and suggestion in the comments column at the end of the article.

1. Create sleep-wake cycle.

Set a regular bedtime and go to bed same time every night. Wake up at the same time every day. Sleep and wake at the same time even during the weekends – don’t break this routine for weekends.

If you have lost some sleep (perhaps you were reading this blog post, just before bed), then you can make it by catching a small nap in the daytime. But make sure that you take a nap soon after the noon, and should not be more than thirty minutes.

By practice, you can set this rhythm of the sleep-wake cycle at the same time every day. You need two weeks to perfect your schedule for sleep. Start sleeping at the same time every day and wake up naturally without the help of any alarm clocks. Keep practicing the schedule for two weeks and you will find the rhythm. In two weeks’ time, the bed will call you for the sleep and you will start waking up without any help from alarm clocks.

2. Keep your bedroom sleep friendly.

sleep, bedroom sleep friendly
Keep your bedroom sleep friendly [Photo: Flickr SA Shameel]
Keep your bedroom sleep friendly.  The environment of your bedroom can make huge different in getting quality sleep.  Too much of light or noise can interfere with your sleep.  If there is too much light coming from outside through the windows, then try to wear eye-mask.

Also, the noise level must be low.  How to avoid the noise that comes from traffic outside or the barking of dogs?  You can block these sound effectively soothing sounds of some music or even masking it with a fan.  Or use earplugs to eliminate the outside noise.

3. No TV or Internet before bed

Put your TV and Internet to sleep well in advance before you go to sleep.

The flicking of Television screen or computer monitor can interfere with your sleep. In fact, this stimulates your brain and can keep you awake. Therefore never install your television set inside your bedroom. People who spend pre-bedtime hours watching TV or browsing the internet (including surfing are more likely to report that they don’t get enough sleep.

4. Eat or drink right before bedtime

Eat or drink right before bedtime.  As everyone knows that caffeine is a stimulant.  This will keep you awake.  Do not take tea, chocolate (4 Reasons not to give up Chocolate), cola, coffee five hours before your bedtime.  Also, abstain from smoking or taking tobacco products before bedtime.

Avoid too many fluid foods in the evening, else the number of trips to the bathroom can be distributing during the night.  Also have light meals in the night.  A heavy meal will take longer to digest and hence the sleep will set in late.  Also be careful about eating spicy or acidic food after evening time.

5. No Stress at bedtime

No Stress at bedtime [Photo: Flickr SA Shameel]
Do not take your worries and stress to bed.  It is very difficult to sleep if you go to bed with daytime worries, anger and work related stress.  Keep stress and angst in check.  You must learn to control your thoughts.  At bedtime, you must maintain your calm.  If required, you should seek advice on stress management.

I found a very interesting website  They are working on digital medicine for good mental health.  They goal is to put 1 million people back to good mental health by 2020.

Check out their video on Sleepio story.

Sleepio – Sleepio Graduate Sally tells her story from Sleepio on Vimeo.

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